Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Brillig!

According to Humpty Humpty, Brillig is teatime: about four in the afternoon. I don't have teatime. And his humptyness did say that words should mean what you want them to mean. So for me brillig is blogging time. The time when I sit down and tell my bloggy friends whats going on with me.

So welcome to the very first Brillig on this blog, A new adventure a new start.

I love to write{as those of you who read my other blog know}but I also love to read. And I love to learn. I like classic books and when I joined the classics club I wanted to have a place to record my progress. So I created this blog.

Here I will review the books I read and just gush about them the way period Drama bloggers gush about their favorite movies. I like subjective reviews so my reviews will all be subjective. I will say exactly what I think. I like {and invite} those little bloggy battles and discussions that are so much fun. So if your opinion is different than mine please comment and say so! We can discuss it and have fun with it.

My posts will be divided into basically three sections.  Book Reviews {which we have already talked about} Opinion Posts{which I will talk about in a minute} and Participation Posts{which I will talk about in two minutes}.

I am an opinionated person. I like expressing those opinions. Some of those opinions are about books. Like my thoughts on kindles{I'll be nice I promise}, or my thoughts on fantasy, or what I think of different genres.

So the opinion posts will be about books and reading but not book reviews.

A Participation Post is when I ask a question about reading or a type of book or something and I want to here you thoughts about it. I won't do that until we all get to know each other better though. It could also be a read along. I always thought those were cool.

So now this Brillig is over I bid you adieu and go off to read El Dorado!


Gracie said...

Lovely, madam, lovely. This blog sounds to be of interest!

Alexandra said...

Reading El Dorado is a Most Important pastime. I congratulate you on your Most Wise Choice.

in other words....SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The THOUGHT of reading El Dorado sends me in raptures of delight. Sigh. Good choice. :-D